Couturier, a person who designs, makes and sells fashionable clothes for women. One who creates Haute Couture, French for "high sewing or high dressmaking", and in particular, made to order fashion from high quality fabrics, sewn with extreme attention to detail, often using time consuming hand work.

At Wendy Harrison our skilled staff begins this process with your initial selection of styles and fabrics and continues through the final fittings and preparation of your ideal garment. You will know and feel the difference. The experience of being fitted at Wendy Harrison is highly personalized and begins in a comfortable setting, stocked full or original designs and specialty fabrics which are made into one-of-a-kind garments ranging from sportswear, pant and dress suits and cocktail wear to ball gowns. The staff is knowledgeable and attentive to each fitting.

One can create an entire wardrobe as well as mix and match pieces to accommodate the busiest traveler. To quote Wendy Harrison herself, "The joy of dressing and looking beautiful is only exceeded by the inner satisfaction of truly feeling beautiful in materials that drape the body properly. My philosophy in creating original designs rests with the fact that clothing should enhance a woman's appearance, be appropriate to the occasion and allow a woman to move with grace and comfort."